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About MySecret

About MySecret

The beauty and wellness industry is nothing new to singer-songwriter and entrepreneur Jane Joseph. She owned and built Laxare Day Spa brand which operated for 16 years and Monikki Enterprises, a trading company, since 2010 and now, launching her own brand called MySecret. Aside from being business savvy, a talented singer-songwriter, and a single mom, she seem to have managed to keep her looks untouched by age and is still physically fit. Because of this, she has been tagged as the #BeautyDiva of the Philippines.  

Having been constantly praised on how young she looks and asked, “what’s her secret?”, has brought about MySecret brand to life. Ms. Joseph says, “It’s time to share what I’ve been using and what I’ve learned through the years. Nothing compares to the joy I feel when my clients experience their much desired transformation. From timidity to fierce, from being shy to oozing confidence,  from feeling not beautiful enough to drop dead gorgeous, and so on. It’s almost like they’re a totally different person. And having the privilege to witness such change is just priceless!”

It is a known sentiment that it takes a lot of effort and money to look good all the time. It can wear one out not only emotionally but financially as well. To make things worse, COVID-19 pandemic happened, which then takes a toll on everyone’s daily lives without exemption. All are caught off-guard by this stressful life event that seem to go on endlessly. It is common knowledge that stress have great effects on our health and more so on our skin.    

Ms. Joseph feels that this is her way of contributing to  society. To give every person a much needed boost of confidence to face this new normal way of life without having to compromise their budget for beauty products. She believes that effective beauty products doesn’t have to be very expensive. And she does not stop there. MySecret aims to give opportunities in making additional income to those who would like to make MySecret their own “MySecret” business. She wants to share the business with YOU! You can earn while taking care of your skin. That’s why, YOU can say it’s “MySecret” too! 

So the best kept secret of Jane Joseph is no longer a secret - for more information please visit MySecret facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MySecret23/ , on Instagram @mysecret_ph and website at www.mysecretph.com . And for those interested to be resellers please PM us. 

They say beauty is only skin deep - but there’s more to it than just the skin, the face, or the body. Watch out for more reveals, information and tips on the secrets of keeping your youthful looks beyond a beYOUtiful skin on our website and newsletters by #BeautyDivaPh, Jane Joseph.

MySecret is now your secret!

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